E.P. Spin

The Thomas E.P. Spinn is a killer for trout, and many other types of game fish and panfish.  It is quality constructed with a solid brass blade, "easy-spin" clevis, solid brass beads (not hollow like cheap imitations), and a stainless steel shaft.  This classic in-line spinner has a swing type blade which is jewelry quality plated, either nickel or gold, to a highly-reflective, flashy finish.  It is available with red and black dots, or nickel/gold two tone with no dots.  Made in the U.S.A.

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Item Weight Length Color Code
R 333 E.P. Spinn 1/8 OZ. 1-3/8" All three sizes are available as Gold or Nickel with Red and Black Dots and Nickel/Gold (without dots)
R 334 E.P. Spinn 1/5 OZ. 1-5/8"  
R 335 E.P. Spinn 1/4 OZ. 1-7/8"  



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